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Questions? Call or Click 801-515-3085 or email

Associate of Science

The Associate of Science in Business degree program focuses on today’s increasingly complicated business environment. It introduces students to basic knowledge of the economic and business climate in the modern workforce.

Twenty-one (21) courses / Sixty (60) semester credit hours.

Program Objectives

  • Develop students’ understanding of the functional fields of business and their interrelationships in complex organizations.
  • Identify and analyze economic climate and business trends in a global business context.
  • Demonstrate the depth of knowledge sought by employers for entry level in the business field.

Associate of Science in Business

Course No. Course Name Prerequisites Credits
BA201 Introduction to Business None 3
BA205 Principles of Management BA201 3
BA210 Organizational Behavior BA201 3
BA220 Principles of Marketing BA201 3
BA252 New Venture Creation BA280 3
BA271 Macroeconomics BA201 3
BA272 Microeconomics BA271 3
BA280 Accounting BA201 3
BA375 Ethical Decision Marking BA201 3
CM101 Principles of Communication None 3
CM110 Developing Critical Thinking Skills None 3
CM220 Presentation Skills None 3
CM258 Conflict Management CM101 3
CS110 Introduction to Computers None 3
EN111 Composition I None 3
EN112 Composition II EN111 3
GS150 General Biology None 3
MA125 College Algebra None 3
NS101 New Student Orientation None 1
PF101 Academic Strategies None 2
PY141 General Psychology None 3
  Total Credits Required   60