Orientation for Your Learning Journey at New Charter University

All of us at New Charter University are passionate about your education and strongly believe in the important role it plays in preparing you to have an educational experience where you can meet your expectations for your career pathway and your own enjoyment of learning. We are committed to helping preserve and enhance the investment you are making in your education, and ensuring that you have the support and innovative learning experience from New Charter University that ensure that you achieve your education and career goals

New Charter University’s Online Learning programs will give you the foundational knowledge and relevant skills you need both today and for tomorrow.

As you have decided to study with us through our online programs it is important to know what is Online / E-Learning education at New Charter University

E-Learning/Online Education

Our E-Learning delivery methodology simply means global content (your courses) delivered world-wide, and supported locally 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It is everything we do, delivered or enabled by internet based technology for the explicit purpose of helping in your learning journey. We have built a robust learning environment with access through the internet, which include web-based courses, reinforcement tools, online assessments and online coaching, audio, animations, video, and eBooks. Our multimedia enriched content is to supplement your interactivity and engage you, eg live chat, activities.

The learning environment is available anytime, 24 hours by 7 days. It is accessible by you located anywhere in the world.

The learning online environment is learner-centered, one that is personalized for you.

All of your instruction, access to learning material, assessment and communication all offered via computer and the Internet.

The New Charter Learning Environment is designed to be engaging you in the learning process.

In the design of each of your courses you will find there are opportunities for appropriate questioning, listening and feedback. The opportunity to provide direction and support to you when you want and need it. You will have the opportunity to build skills in managing online discussion with your lecturers and other students. You have the ability to build online teams for support and the capacity for relationship building to help you build your own mmotivational skills.

We believe we have designed the right mix of online and off-line activities to help you achieve success in each course.

Our support team are available to help you deal with technical issues and want you to engage at all levels throughout your studies We have set up fast responsive support, e-mail, discussion groups.

We want to give you “A CHOICE”: HOW, WHEN and WHERE you want to study at an AFFORDABLE COST. You as a learner will achieve success through a combination of: Our skilled PEOPLE, our appropriate educational delivery methodology and our World-class TECHNOLOGY.

Flexible Pacing learning Experience

As you work your way through your studies in each of the courses they have been designed to be what we call flexible pacing learning.

Our flexible pacing or individualized learning is defined as learning directed by you in order to meet your personal learning objectives.

In each of our flexible pacing learning courses, the content, learning sequence, pace of learning and possibly even the media are determined by what you want to study. Our flexible pacing learning approach to our courses requires a more flexible approach to our educational delivery. We will provide you with choices about:

  • what to learn
  • how to learn
  • where to learn it
  • when to learn it

Flexible paced learning can take place anywhere at any time at work or in the home. You have the flexibility of being able to study at times that suit your lifestyle at times that fit in with your work and your family commitments.

Our flexible pacing approach allows you to make many of the decisions about when, where, what and how quickly to learn.

  • You can learn information and skills when you need them.
  • You are not as dependent on the structure and pace as in a traditional classroom.
  • You are active rather than passive, and assume greater responsibility for your own learning.

Our flexible paced learning courses allow you to begin and end a segment of the course at any time, it is an efficient use of your learning time and resources. The approach is great for learners with some prior knowledge and/or experience in the subject area, as you can move through and select elements of the material to suit your needs.

Another concept that is important to know is how are courses help you in your career path. We do this by have our courses designed as Outcome-based learning.

Each of our Outcome-based learning courses are designed around the critical skills, knowledge, theories, and abilities or what we have identified as the competencies required to master the subject matter in your degree program.
Our Outcome-based learning approach is designed for individuals who want to gain the relevant competencies to help navigate their career pathways to a successful work experience.

What this means for you is that we have been able to identify the academic and professional workplace standards to all of our educational programs and more fully support you as you navigate through your selected program.

Our Outcome-based learning courses works to build your career knowledge as we have identified the specifics things that you need to be able to learn and to do in order to successfully complete your course, and then allows you to move forward as soon as you have demonstrated that you have mastered the courses challenge. Your own prior learning experiences will provide you the opportunity to move at your own speed through the courses.

As a result of your past learning experiences you will benefit from the most important characteristic of Outcome-based learning and that is it measures learning rather than time. You can progress in your learning journey by demonstrating your competence, which means you can prove that you have mastered the knowledge and skills required for a particular course, regardless of how long it takes you to complete it.

You will find that our Outcome-based learning approach is better for you because it allows you to study and learn at your own pace. Our educational courses makes it possible for you to study online and complete a degree, which can mean a better job, higher earning potential, and a better life.

Communication security issues

It is important for you to be aware of your online environment and about understanding how you can use technology and devices in a secure and safe manner.

When you know our online environment and have developed the skills and knowledge to participate in the NCU online environment with confidence. You will learn new things, understand new ways of communication with others and you will explore our digital technologies and so you must also know how to take action if your privacy and online security is breached. When you are logged into our learning online environment you will:

  • Learn how new skills will help you navigate through your courses
  • You should be able to recognize online risks and how to manage them
  • Look out for suspicious emails and scams as you will spend time in your courses
  • Keep your passwords secret, strong and unique

Our online learning environment offers so many opportunities to explore, learn, grow, create and collaborate. And to make the most of the experience, it is important to keep yourself safe and secure in an online environment. Whether you are a new internet user or an expert, it is important to navigate our learning environment safely and securely. The following are some tips to remember:

  • Secure your passwords
  • Signing in and out
  • Check your email settings
  • Use secure networks
  • Lock your screen or device
  • Keep your device clean
  • Choose privacy and security settings carefully and check them regularly
  • Choose friends wisely online.
  • If you have made a mistake apologies and take down offensive material as soon as possible
  • Ask for permission before uploading pictures of fellow student.
  • Watching out for suspicious emails

Unfortunately, there are lots of ways an email can do you harm. There are messages that can infect and hijack your computer. Others will try to trick you into giving away personal information. Some will even use your inbox as an incubator for multiplying and ultimately damaging other computers.

With all the phishing emails sent out every single day, there is a pretty good chance that one of these may land in your inbox. As once you start your studies you will be receiving emails that you are not familiar with. There are a few simple steps you can be aware of that will help you identify the specious email.

  • Are the URLs legitimate and known to you?
  • Look for or notice incorrect grammar/spelling always a good sign of suspicious emails
  • Plain text/absence of logos is also a good sign of a suspicious email
  • Look for suspicious attachments
  • Mails that are too good to be true most likely are not.
  • Is your email address listed as the “From” address most likely a fake email?
  • When in doubt, delete to be safe.
  • No personal references or they do not address you by name
  • Most email that have a sense of urgency are mostly fake.

By now you realize that email is, in general, insecure. If you are not aware of your email and the security issues you may find that there are others out there that are:

  1. Eavesdropping
  2. Taking your identity
  3. Invasion of your privacy
  4. Changing your intended message
  5. False messages
  6. Message replay
  7. You have unprotected backups
  8. Repudiation (Sender denies that s/he sent it to you)

Security awareness and just watching your emails is the best way to identify suspicious email.