New Charter University Scholarships

Apply for a scholarship at New Charter University and receive up to 50% off  tuition to earn your degree online at NCU, a University Designed for You.

The scholarship committee consists of esteemed instructors and staff who meet once a month to review and award applicants. Please allow sufficient time for your award to come before the committee and be reviewed.

Heritage Scholarship

Recipients will receive 50% off one term of tuition


1. Record a 5-minute video responding to this prompt: A future scholarship would be created in your name. In the video, describe the qualifications, characteristics, and levels of achievement you would require your future scholarship recipients to have.
Upload the video on the Internet such as YouTube, DailyMotion, or Vimeo.
There are two ways to submit the URL of the video:

a) To enter by Facebook, “like” the New Charter University’s Facebook page ( and post the URL on the page.
– OR –
b) To enter by Twitter, follow New Charter University on twitter @newedu and tweet the URL by using the hashtag #ncuscholarship

2. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

a) Your name and your contact information.
b) Names and contact information for at least 2 personal or professional references.
c) The URL to your video submission to [email protected]

Terms and conditions: The scholarships are available to current and new New Charter University students. In order to receive the tuition discount, students must be in good satisfactory academic progress and remain continuously enrolled. Scholarships are not retroactive, and discounts only apply to current and future terms. One scholarship per person. Scholarships cannot be combined and are not transferable.