current_studentAll of us at New Charter University are committed to prepare you for your career journey with an education experience that is flexible, supportive and affordable. You’re learning achievement that you can be proud of.  Our online degree programs have been designed to teach you real-world knowledge and skills.  Our team is here to provide you with individualized service and support ensure your success.

At New Charter University, we are here to support you through your educational journey. Going to University is a big decision and can be difficult to get started in your studies and continue on your pathway to your educational goals. That’s why our full team will guide you through enrollment to starting your courses and providing assistance as you work your way through your studies. We also offer starting one-on-one academic guidance throughout your classes.

  • Once you enroll – you are ready to start your first course or continue your studies into new courses.
  • Access your classes online – when you want at any time, and anywhere. Once you become accustomed to online education, you’ll enjoy the benefits of flexible paced learning: study on your own schedule from the comfort of your home; learn from customized materials that focus on relevant career knowledge and skills.
  • Remember assistance is available – when you need it. You’re never on your own because our team are devoted to your academic success. Whether you have questions about your course, class assessments or you need to talk through one of your lessons, we are here to help. Faculty and student support offer individualized help, mentorship and guidance when you need it.


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Your Educational Journey

You will access your classes using the NCU Student Login. The log in ensures that you obtain accurate access to every class you are enrolled in as a student.

If you are taking more than one class simultaneously, all of your courses are available through the one login. All your enrolled classes are listed on the Learning Management System.

NCU  is committed to providing the resources you need to be successful and our technical support team looks forward to continuing to bring you enhanced features and improved functionality to make your educational journey an exciting experience. Join us on our social media links to share your comments and to hear what other students are saying about New Charter University.

NCU provides a variety of resources for educational experience. From video tutorials to Educational links assessment items. all assessable online.

Student Grievance Form

Students may fill out this form if they have a grievance with the  University. Click the link below to access the form.

Student Grievance Form