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What does the word Alumni mean
The term alumnus (m; Pl.:-i) respectively alumna (f.; Pl.:-ae) has its origin in the Latin language. It means “pupil”, literally “the nurtured” (origin: alere: nurture).
Originally students of a so-called “alumnat”, a school, were called alumnae/alumni.

At New Charter University, alumnae or alumni refers to all current students and those that have graduated from the university.

Alumni societies have existed at universities for decade across the world, especially in the United Stated and United Kingdom. They are growing in popularity in all parts of the world. Alumni networks have established to help other alumni organizations connect and share resources, take part in professional opportunities, career advancement, and personnel networking.

Thanks to this growth, alumni have the chance stay in contact with the university and with former students, as well as to make use of the offers for professional and further education.

New Charter University would like to involve current students and our graduates in professional development activities, to further education, as well as cultural and social exchanges. We have students around the world to benefit from the experience in order to gain new impulses to improve your educational journey and professional pathways.

When talking about “alumnae/alumni” of New Charter University, we refers to all students who are currently enrolled at the University as well as to our former students. Our alumni network is open to all members of the New Charter University as well as to all our sponsors and partners

Once you enroll at New Charter University, you are automatically a member of our alumni. When you graduate form New Charter University, this is not just congratulations and goodbye, but a lifelong continuation as a member of the alumni. You automatically become part of New Charter University Alumni Network to help it grow as a value to you and others around the world.

At New Charter University, we want to continue to nurture the relationship with our students beyond being a student and past graduation. The New Charter University Alumni Network is about keeping you connected with us, with other New Charter University alumni and with your future.

As a New Charter University alumnus, you’re a valued part of the University community and, as such, entitled to a range of benefits and special offers. If you studied at New Charter University, no matter how many years ago or how recently, please ensure you stay in contact with us.

We are all on the same ship!
So we want you to join our online community so that you can keep in touch with your fellow students, make new connections who have shared the same educational experience as you. Get access to career information and know what is happening at New Charter University. You even may get the oportunity to be one of our online coaches to our current students and future students. The primary role of the New Charter University alumni is to strengthen relationships between of our members and the university.

So as a member of the alumni stay connected, engaged and enriched no matter how many miles separate you from each other or what state or country you come from. Here you can reconnect with current and former classmates; explore career, travel, share your latest news; and register for events that will enhance your life.

We’re glad you’re here.

The University is starting a group we will call New Charter University Young Professionals. This is a community of young alumni who have graduated within the last ten years. This group is hoping to provide resources, networking and service opportunities, and more!

New Charter University Young Professionals are:

Social – offering incredible online events to engage with others in the beginning stages of your careers.

The Network – with unique opportunities to leverage professional relationships and take leadership roles within the New Charter University Young Professionals.

Career Opportunities – through multiple opportunities for professional education and automatic connection us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and our Blog.

Enrich your life with professional education’s exciting array of noncredit short courses, seminars and educational opportunities designed for diverse audiences of all ages: all offered as online learning characterized by flexibility, convenience and innovation.

If you would like to be more involved in the New Charter University Alumni Network we would like to hear from you. Let us know what you would like for information on or courses and activities we can offer. Email NCU alumni.

We would also like you to update your details