Student Experience

Education your way.

I researched a long list of online and traditional MBA programs and I found New Charter University to be the best option for real-world experience and practical courses that I could use immediately in my career. Looking back, I’m thrilled to have completed my studies at New Charter University. It was challenging, rewarding and will carry me forward as I continue to learn and build my leadership skills.

I particularly enjoyed that nearly all of my professors have current real-world experience in Healthcare Leadership and Management, my area of focus in the MBA program. Thank you to New Charter University and all of my professors!

Dustin BurlesonMBA - 2018

Why I Chose New Charter University: It brings a different breeze to education by availing distance learning. It’s 21st Century approach of learning enables studying anywhere, anytime.

Advice I would give to students working on their degree: Education liberates and is a doorway to greater heights.

How the program helped my develop as a leader: It subjected me to diverse circumstances requiring leadership skills. Solving problems using the learned concepts and research gave me knowledge that keeps me a step or steps ahead.

Challenges that have come up in your degree program and how you overcame them: Divided attention sometimes since its self-paced learning. I collaborated with fellow students to help maintain my focus.

Lilian Wambui KimaniBSC In International Business Administration 2018

One of the skills that learners need to make good use of is communication. Throughout studies, I have faced tones of challenges e.g. losing a laptop. The coaches from NCU were very understanding in helping me to reconnect and submit my projects and occasionally extend the deadlines. For the online studies, it is required of any learner to have a high level of discipline as there is no one to push you to work. You also have to challenge yourself i.e. have a goal and yearn to meet it. I mean, you are responsible for your own happiness, sadness or whatever state you are own your future! Go out there and find what you love and have a passion for then give it your best shot.

Samuel Ochieng’ NgesaMBA - Finance 2018

What our Alumni have to say about NCU!

“New Charter’s program didn’t just provide me with a degree, it provided me with an education. As a working professional and provider for my family, I did not have the time or ability to pursue my MBA at a traditional “brick and mortar” campus. New Charter provided me with a program that allowed me to work at my own pace, and provided courses that helped me gain real world perspective.”

John Brown FlyMBA - 2017

“The ideas and concepts presented in my NCU curriculum taught me how to be a better manager at work because I understand more about finance, accounting, and computers than I did before.”

David Robinson2017

“I have learned how to work with and develop employees to obtain positive business outcomes while maintaining positive employee morale.”

Lori Ann Arcomone2017

“New Charter University provided me with the roadmap to a degree and more importantly, my dreams. I am so proud to be a graduate and alumnus.”

Erik Kokkonen2017

“As I graduate with BCs in Business Management and Leadership from New Charter University am felt with gratitude to, Technology, Yea even coming from 3rd world internet has an abled me achieve what I could have done in a traditional class set up. Dedicated staff, I can only say NCU has the best instructors dedicated to learners needs and able to deal with people from across different social background. Flexible time table, One can complete courses within own time schedule so enough time to work on projects especially with General courses. Among other reason am grateful have had this rare opportunity to have my undergraduate degree from World class institution. One quick advise I can give to any learner taking NCU online courses is please do away with the habit of procrastination it wastes lots of valuable time.”

Joseph Muteti 2017