The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is designed to provide a balanced education that examines the multidisciplinary nature of criminal justice and the organization and operation of each functional component in the field of law enforcement. Students will gain essential skills and knowledge pertinent to the criminal justice system.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree requires completion of forty (40) courses for 120 credits. The same course may not be used to fulfill multiple requirements in general education or major areas of this degree program.

Program Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of criminal justice organizations and operations through courses that reflect current industry practice.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in researching, collecting, and organizing complex data, problem solving, and working collaboratively.
  • Exhibit the ability to think critically and communicate effectively, both verbally and non-verbally.
  • Through degree completion, demonstrate the depth of knowledge sought by employers for entry to mid-level positions in the criminal justice field.
  • Prepare for advanced study in the field of criminal justice.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program consists of a total of 40 courses:

General Education

English Composition and Oral Communication 3 Courses 9 Credits
Statistics 1 Course 3 Credits
Mathematics 2 Course 6 Credits
Natural Sciences 2 Courses 6 Credits
Critical Reasoning 1 Course 3 Credits
Social/Behavioral Sciences 5 Courses 15 Credits
Humanities 6 Courses 18 Credits
Major Electives 10 Courses 30 Credits
Minor Electives 4 Courses 12 Credits

General Education Requirements:

The general education component is designed to emphasize cognitive development and is “general” in the following ways:

  • It is not directly related to students’ formal technical, vocational, or professional preparation.
  • It is a part of every student’s course of study, regardless of his/her area of emphasis.
  • It is intended to impart common knowledge, intellectual concepts, and attitudes that provide a foundation upon which students can build a rewarding educational experience.

Through NCU’s general education courses, students will acquire the breadth of knowledge characteristic of a liberal arts education.

B.S. in Criminal Justice Core Courses Six Courses (18 Credits)

Foundation courses provide basic knowledge in the discipline and prepare students for further study in this major.

B.S. in Criminal Justice Major Electives Ten Courses (30 Credits)

The major electives are designed to develop experience in the discipline and may be met by approved transfer credit courses or by the recommended NCU courses.

General Electives Four Courses (12 Credits)

In order to develop additional depth and breadth in their major, students are encouraged to take intermediate or advanced courses in discipline-related areas. General elective courses may be met by approved transfer credit courses or by the recommended NCU courses and may not duplicate courses that meet any other curriculum requirement in Criminal Justice Recommended Degree Plan

B.S. in Criminal Justice Recommended Degree Plan

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Term Course No. Course Name Credits
1 PF101 Academic Strategies 3
CS110 Introduction to Computers 3
PF102 Professionalism 3
MA125 College Algebra 3
2 CM220 Presentation Skills 3
EN111 Composition I 3
CJ316 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
EN112 General Biology 3
3 PY141 General Psychology 3
HI171 Western Civilization I 3
CJ126 Corrections 3
CJ361 Composition II 3
4 PF280 Diversity and Inclusion 3
HI172 Western Civilization II 3
GS210 Earth Science 3
ST235 Elementary Statistics 3
5 SO241 General Sociology 3
CJ256 Private Security 3
EN221 American Literature I 3
PS150 American Government 3
6 CM365 Developing Critical Thinking Skills 3
CJ261 Criminology 3
CJ265 Juveniles in the Justice System 3
CM457 Intercultural Communication 3
7 CJ266 Criminal Investigation 3
CJ341 Ethical Behavior in the Criminal Justice System 3
CM458 Conflict Management 3
CJ342 Criminal Law and Procedure 3
 8 CJ451 Drugs – Use and Abuse 3
CJ363 Victimology 3
CJ376 Police and Community Relations 3
CJ336 American Constitutional Law 3
9 CJ431 Probation and Parole 3
CJ321 Leadership in Criminal Justice 3
BA356 Human Resources Management 3
CJ463 Modern Terrorism 3
10 CJ458 Special Populations in Criminal Justice 3
CJ341 Public Relations 3
CJ371 Criminal Justice Research Methods 3
PF499 Career Strategies 3
 Total Credits Required for Bachelor’s Degree: 120