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In this Issue:

The Role of Technology in Online Education
Technology is shaping every aspect of our lives, from our communication to our cars, to our homes. However, perhaps in no other arena is it more important than its effects on education.

Student Profile: Meet Nicketa Bernard
Meet recent NCU graduate Nicketa Bernard and see what advice she gives to students to help them be successful in their degree programs!

How a Bibliographic Citation Manager Can Change Your Life
Dr. Debra Payne shares tips on using citation managers and how they can make student life easier.

Staff Profile: Meet Jenny Hallisey
Get to know NCU’s new Academic Operations Administrator, Jenny Hallisey.

A Better Way to Write
NCU’s Registrar Adam Christian gives details on the program Grammarly and how it can help improve student papers!

Utilizing the Library In Your Course
Student Success Coach Tabitha Logue provides insight on how to utilizethe library resource within your course of study.