Start a course

The courses you’ll take each term depend on a few factors: your degree program, any credits you transfer into New Charter University, and consultation with your Student Advisor. Before you start a course, you should read what the instructor has to say, scroll through the course syllabus, and watch the course's video introduction.

Watch course introduction videos

Test your knowledge

At the start of each course, you'll take a brief Initial Assessment to gauge your incoming knowledge. The Initial Assessment doesn’t count toward your grade. Its purpose is to help you focus your studies on the course concepts you know least well, and acclimate you to the online test-taking environment.

Test your knowledge in a course

To try an Initial Assessment, all you need to do is join the free New Charter University community. Join today.

Taking an Initial Assessment
Taking an Initial Assessment

Learn and practice course material

You’ll work through the course material at your own pace. New Charter University uses a variety of learning materials such as online textbooks, videos, and up-to-date supplemental resources curated from around the web. Our courses are also filled with practice and self-assessment tools such as flashcards and quizzes. If you ever get stuck or have a question, you can reach out to your Instructor or classmates through our discussion boards or messaging system.

Flip through a few flashcard sets

Track your progress

Mastering course material doesn’t happen overnight. As you read texts, watch videos, and take quizzes, you’ll see your efforts pay off in the progress meter. This meter is unique to every student, and will help you determine when you’re ready to take the final exam.

Keep track of your progress
Taking a Pre-Final

Get ready for your final

All New Charter University courses have pre-finals to help you prepare for the final exam. You can think of the pre-final as a practice final that doesn’t count towards your grade. Its purpose is to set you up for success on the final exam.

Pass your final and complete the course

When you’re ready to take your final, you’ll schedule it for a time that’s convenient for you. New Charter University uses an online proctoring service that enables you to take your exams at home. Passing a final is a great way to celebrate your hard work and dedication to your education.

Congratulations, you passed a course!