These degrees provide skills and knowledge required for entry-level positions and advancement in the rapidly growing field of criminal justice, law enforcement and public administration. Potential Occupational Titles include, but are not limited to, security guard, correctional officer, patrol officer, first-line supervisor, detective, FBI (with minimum of bachelor’s degree), Homeland Security manager, private security manager, and utility security manager. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (April 13, 2018), the median pay in the United States is $62,960 per year for police and detectives. The number of jobs for 2016 was 807,000 and the job outlook for 2016-2026 is 7% increase annually.

Associate of Science in Criminal Justice  

The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice degree program presents the major components of the criminal justice system, including criminal behavior, law enforcement organizations and systems, legal principles, and fundamentals of criminal investigation.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice  

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is for students who are interested in careers in law enforcement, legal, and forensics science. The program covers topics such as victimology, probation and parole, and private security.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice  

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice is a multidisciplinary, broad-based program that includes study in the overall criminal justice discipline and stresses the application of theory and research to current managerial and societal issues.

Master of Public Administration (MPA)  

The Master of Public Administration is a professional degree program that attracts those interested in the workings, administration, and management of federal, state, or local government, as well as current public administrators who want to augment their professional experience.