Students may be able to challenge up to 25% of their undergraduate degree program. Students can potentially fulfill some elective, interdisciplinary, and/or general education courses by going completing a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). To be eligible for PLA credits, students must be an enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at New Charter University. Additionally, the student must have submitted his/her transcripts to the University, and must have remaining general education and/or elective credits required to complete their degree program. Before requesting a PLA, we suggest that the student contact their Advisor to discuss whether PLA would be beneficial to them and how credits are applied towards their degree program.

Students must notify NCU staff before they start the course they wish to challenge. Students must complete the PLA for each course they wish to challenge. Students must indicate mastery of the course concepts by being able to effectively describing the prior learning activities and expertise they’ve attained relevant to the course objectives. Students must demonstrate mastery by providing exhibits of their own work that indicate their level of mastery pertaining to the course objectives. Students must defend their mastery by completing an assigned project and achieving a score of 70% or better. Students who successfully complete the PLA will receive credit towards their degree. Students have 4 weeks to complete each PLA. Absolutely NO EXTENSIONS will be given for incomplete assessments at the end of the allotted time. If a student fails to complete the PLA within this time frame, they are not allowed to re-attempt, and will have to complete the applicable NCU course.

*There is a one-time assessment fee for each PLA attempted by the student. The one-time submission fee is $300.
**Concentration courses are excluded from PLA and must be taken at NCU.