At New Charter University (NCU), student success is measured through evaluation of competencies on specific subjects. While students enjoy supportive classroom environments with rich learning resources, students earn credit by demonstrating what they know on a variety of assessments. Students must pass each assessment in a subject to earn credit. This outcome-based education system allows students scheduling and progress flexibility. By leveraging the benefits of blended learning environments with our competency-based educational model, students can better manage their school and personal responsibilities. Not only can they choose when and where they study, students determine the amount of time they need to study based on the amount of competence they already have in a subject.

Laptop graphOur faculty members use both asynchronous and synchronous coaching models to help students gain knowledge. In addition to being subject matter experts, Instructors function as guides to students as they become more independent as learners. Each student also has the support of a student advisor, who is the main contact person for questions pertaining to the university, academics, and degree progress.

NCU work with employers, industry leaders, and academics experts to develop degree program objectives that reflect workforce needs. With guidance from these industry Advisory Councils, NCU graduates are prepared for the demands of a modern workplace.