New Charter’s program didn’t just provide me with a degree, it provided me with an education. As a working professional and provider for my family, I did not have the time or ability to pursue my MBA at a traditional “brick and mortar” campus.  New Charter provided me with a program that allowed me to work at my own pace, and provided courses that helped me gain real world perspective.

John Brown Fly (2017)

I have learned how to work with and develop employees to obtain positive business outcomes while maintaining positive employee morale.

Lori Ann Arcomone (2017)

The ideas and concepts presented in my NCU curriculum taught me how to be a better manager at work because I understand more about finance, accounting, and computers than I did before.

David Robinson (2017)

New Charter University provided me with the roadmap to a degree and more importantly, my dreams. I am so proud to be a graduate and alumnus.

Erik Kokkonen (2017)