Withdrawal and Refund Policy

UNIVERSITY WITHDRAWAL AND REFUND POLICY Students seeking to withdraw from their academic program may notify the university in any manner. A written request to withdraw is preferred.  Students may also contact Student Services at (801) 883 – 8336 and ask for the Office of the Registrar. Refunds, if applicable, will be made by Student Accounts…

As I graduate with BCs in Business Management and Leadership from New Charter University am felt with gratitude to, Technology, Yea even coming from 3rd world internet has an abled me achieve what I could have done in a traditional class set up. Dedicated staff, I can only say NCU has the best instructors dedicated to learners needs and able to deal with people from across different social background. Flexible time table, One can complete courses within own time schedule so enough time to work on projects especially with General courses. Among other reason am grateful have had this rare opportunity to have my undergraduate degree from World class institution. One quick advise I can give to any learner taking NCU online courses is please do away with the habit of procrastination it wastes lots of valuable time.

Joseph Muteti
Joseph Muteti (2017)

Prior Learning Assessments

Prior Learning Assessments Students may be able to challenge up to 25% of their undergraduate degree program. Students can potentially fulfill some elective, interdisciplinary, and/or general education courses by going completing a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). To be eligible for PLA credits, students must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at New Charter University.…